High Beam vs Night Glow

W7 Night Glow on the left, Benefit High Beam on the right.

I went and splashed out the other day and decided to buy myself High Beam from Benefit. And oh my goodness, no regrets here. Later on in the day however, I decided to visit a new outlet store in my local shopping centre called Beauty Outlet. I got to the doors and realised its main products were W7.

As I was browsing the aisles I suddenly stopped in my tracks and found a dupe for this expensive High Beam that I had just bought so I thought I would pick it up and see if it was worth fishing to the bottom of my purse to afford the Benefit product, or if I should have waited for this dupe to come into my life… well now I have both, so let’s see!

Benefit High Beam and W7 Night Glow side by side.


The Price

 Starting with High Beam from Benefit first, the price of this product is £19.50 which is definitely a high price to pay for a highlighter, but if like me, highlighter is one of your favourite things in the whole world, I think it is acceptable to treat yourself now and again 😉

Moving on to Night Glow from W7, the price of this product is £4.95 which is a lot cheaper than High Beam. You can pick it up from a few places for a bit cheaper though, I got mine from Beauty Outlet for £3.99


The Packaging

 What I will say first of all, is that High Beam does actually contain more product, having 13ml compared to Night Glow having 10ml. Based on the looks of the packaging, in my own personal opinion, I definitely prefer Benefits packaging to W7’s packaging. The box is larger (I’m not sure if that is good or bad) but the colour just looks sophisticated and matches the product really well. W7’s packaging on the other hand is shiny gold which I feel looks a little bit tacky, and I’m not a fan of the font they have used either. But then again, you use the product, not the packaging!

The Product

Both of the products have an unusual nail polish-like applicator. If you are unsure about how to use this, it may be worth buying Night Glow to practice before splashing out on High Beam. But what you do, is you place a few dots on the areas you’d like to highlight e.g. your cheek and brow bones, your nose, cupid’s bow etc. then you blend, blend, blend!

High Beam on top, Night Glow on the bottom.

 As you can see from the photo, High Beam is quite lighter than Night Glow  whereas Night Glow is more of a darker pink, but only slightly. Personally, I prefer High Beam as I think it complements my skin more than Night Glow due to my skin tone being very light. I also believe that a highlighter should be light and not too pink, as it could end up looking like a blush. Both are shimmery and almost the same consistency.

Both blended – High Beam on top, Night Glow on the bottom.

Following on from my comment about consistency, when blending, High Beam is slightly thicker than Night Glow and in my opinion blends into the skin better, Night Glow has a tendency to sit on top of the skin but does look more prominent than High Beam, but this may be due to it being slightly darker.


Overall, my favourite out of these two has got to be High Beam, mainly because I think it suits my skin tone better as a highlighter than Night Glow does, it has a slightly thicker consistency and although is more pricey than Night Glow, I think it is worth the price.

However, if you are on a budget, I definitely recommend Night Glow as an amazing dupe for Benefits High Beam, it is a deeper pink, is way cheaper and has a decent consistency for a cheaper product!

You can purchase Benefits High Beam here
You can purchase W7’s Night Glow here

Let me know what you think of these products, if you have tried either of them yourself, and which one you think looks better! 🙂 ❤



  1. Great find! W7 looks so pink though. I used to have high beam and I find that the hint of pink is a bit noticeable. W7 maybe good to use as a blush or eye make up. ♡♡


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